WANTED: Board Members

Board Members wanted Talkeetna Alaska Arts Council

Why join the board? Why volunteer?
• Support Denali Art Council’s mission
• Meet and work with other volunteers who love and support the arts
• Experience you can add to your resume
• Take charge, and make something happen
• Good karma!

Qualities and Skills of a Successful Board Member:
• Willingness to try new things and take in miscellaneous tasks as they arise for the organization
• Event planning
• Fundraising and grant writing
• Communications or social media
• Finance or record keeping
• Construction or design
• Positive, proactive, and enthusiastic attitude

Other skills which make for an effective Board Member:
• Have participated in DAC events and activities
• Experience serving on the board of a non-profit organization
• Able spokesperson and advocate of DAC’s mission
• You are an artist (theater, dance, writing…)
• Thoughtful, confident, polite, respectful, and a good listener
• Able to process information and make thoughtful decisions in a group context fairly quickly
• Inspires and motivates others to contribute

To be seated on the board, you must be a current paid Denali Arts Council member. Please send or drop off a letter of interested with a short bio to Iver Arnegard, Executive Director, or contact one of the current board members. Renew your membership now or become a member today. Board members will be elected on October 6, 2018.