Denali Arts Council invites you to sumbit your work to the following group show categories:

“Anonymous Show” Exhibit your work in a classified nature. Allow the art to speak for itself. No names will be represented.  
All mediums are accepted. Submission Deadline January 10th.

“ski. noun. ( ˈskiː) Narrow wood or metal or plastic runners used in pairs for gliding over snow. ” Redefine the way you envision skis through artful practice.
All mediums are accepted. 
Submission Deadline February 10th

“Fledgling” – In celebration of “Birdathon” we welcome artists to exhibit all works with the subject matter being birds.
All mediums accepted.  
Submission Deadline April 10th.

Please submit work and interest to: Director@denaliartscouncil.org with the subject line referring to what category your applying to.