Big Screen Sponsorship

Looking for a Tax Deduction for Your Business?  Want to Get the Word out About Your Product or Service?  Want to Support the Arts in Talkeetna?

DAC continues its unique way to support local art and advertise your business.  Instead of printing  routine 16-page playbills which consumes a lot of paper over the year,  DAC is staying green!  We run a slide show before events – much like at the movies and that limits the size of the actual playbills. 

Our slide show will include high interest photos of past DAC events, DAC trivia, upcoming event information and advertisements.  The slide show will run from doors opening until the performance begins, a 30 minute period.  We expect to run the slide show at a minimum of 15 different events each year.  Each event runs 1-6 nights with a seating capacity of 150…that’s a lot of exposure!   

One Full Year of Big Screen Sponsorship

A full year sponsorship is only $275!  Simply mail in or drop off payment and page 2 of the PDF below!  

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  Thank you in advance for your important support of community arts!

Franny Thompson, Program Director, 907-733-7929, [email protected]