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13 Weeks of Summer: A Community Photo Challenge

The Denali Arts Council hosted a weekly photo challenge on FaceBook throughout the 2015 summer. Below are the submissions entered each week:



Week 1 – Faceless Portrait

Week 1 selfie



Week 2 –  Water


Week 2 Water (longform) week 2 water tall form




Week 3 – hidden treasures


week 3 treasures



Week 4 – street photography


Week 4 Street photography




Week 5 – textures (rust / wet)


week 5 textures




Week 6 – rule of 3rds


week 6 rule of thirds




July 13th – food!!




July 20th – birds eye view




July 27th – Colors mini challenge week (daily color challenge) (orange you glad….)



August 3rd– signs




August 10th – frame within a frame




August 17th – happiness is…..




August 24th  – bugs eye view


Free Art Fridays

Free Art Friday =’s Artwork placed on the street for anyone to enjoy and take home. Make it. Place it. Post it. Share it!

free art friday flyer

This is not an original consept….Artist across the world make art and leave it to be found.   Think of it as an ongoing treasure hunt which you get to help create. Make the world a better place by creating beauty to share…..

How it works:

*Make Art Work and place it somewhere for people to find. Artwork can be paintings, photos, wind-chimes….you name it, as long as it is easy to remove and does not damage property / the environment.

*Add a note letting people know your art is free for the taking. You may want to add a tag with this FB page listed incase you creation is found by someone not in the know….then they will know how to join the fun.

*Post a photo here with description / clue about where your creation is located so people can actively seek it out.

*Enjoy making someone smile!!

So what are you waiting for? Get out am make art!!
Visit Free Art Friday Talkeetna on Facebook
PS – Art does not have to be posted on Friday only….