March 23: Super Saturated Sugar Strings

Denali Arts Council presents The Super Saturated Sugar Strings for a one night only, in house concert at The Sheldon Community Arts Hangar

Saturday, March 23rd. Doors open at 7:30 pm; Showtime 8:00 pm



DAC Members $12, Non Members $15

Powerful and funky, The Super Saturated Sugar Strings’s take on modern Americana is full of dense, intricate, virtuosic instrumental arrangements and shout-to-the-rafter vocals. Their lush back-beat-americana-meets-chamber-ensemble sound has stirred a large congregation of dedicated fans in Alaska. On their new album, ALL THEIR MANY MILES (released March 23, 2018) they’ve managed to translate not only the high energy stomp and swing of their live shows to the studio, but also to capture some of the magic that brings together Anchorage’s music community. There’s an element of carnival sideshow in their sometimes cinematic sound, drenched in strings and horns and bombastic ideas. Nobody does anything small in Alaska, and this Alaskan band delivers a mesmerizing and powerful performance with energetic charm.

April 18, 19, 20 and April 25, 26, 27: The Birds

 “A hilarious and satirical look at politics, religion, and the foolishness of humankind…”  

Just in time for spring migration, Denali Drama will present Aristophanes’ 2500 year-old slap-stick comedy, The Birds April 18, 19, 20 and 25, 26, 27.  

The story centers around two humans fed up with life in Athens who climb into the realm of the birds seeking a better life.  They convince the king of birds to build a wall to keep out mortals from below and prevent the gods from getting sacrificial smoke from their followers on Earth.  Naturally, chaos, confusion, and hilarity ensues.

“Rare Bird” sightings include:

Bridled titmouse, blue-footed boobie, an ostrich, and a hoopoe!

Among Aristophanes’ other comedies are LysistrataThe Clouds, and The Frogs.

Tickets: DAC Members $15; Non members $18; Students/Seniors $12


The Birds. A 2500 year-old slapstick comedy by Aristophanes. Talkeetna, Alaska, Denali Drama.