Hussy and Hicks LIVE MUSIC February 10th, 2020

In a world where everything is reliant on a slick sales pitch or novelty marketing ploy Hussy Hicks are a genuine breath of fresh air. This is a band that exists solely for their love of music, and not only do they love it, but they’re pretty damn good at too.
In a few short years Julz Parker and Leesa Gentz have racked up a remarkable list of festivals, venues and dedicated fans from around the globe, and they’ve done it all with a couple of instruments and a passionate desire to share their songs with the world.
Their performances have been described as spontaneous, explosive and emotive; Julz is regarded as one of Australia’s finest guitarists and has traded finger-style, flamenco, gypsy and Arabic licks with everyone from street performers to Phil and Tommy Emmanuel, John Jorgenson and Joe Robinson. Leesa is most recognised for her soaring vocals and joyful, endearing stage presence and she has been steadily earning respect as one of our most accomplished vocalists.
Conforming to a musical genre has been difficult for the girls, however they have been welcomed into the Roots circuits, as well as Folk, Blues and Country, but with a broad range of influences their music generally appeals to a wide spectrum of music lovers.