MAY 27th 2020 LISTEN UP!!! Ali Lee, the Executive Director of Denali Arts Council, joins PICK. CICK. GIVE. CAST to discuss the origins of Denali Arts Council, the importance of the arts to small communities, what they do, representing arts in diverse ways, goals for the future, the importance of community to what they do, how the pandemic affects them, the impact of donations and volunteers, and more.

Pick.Click.Give.Pick.Click.Give. was created by the Alaska State Legislature in 2008 to allow Alaskans filing for their PFD online to donate a portion or all of their dividend to eligible charitable and educational organizations. After a three-year pilot project, Pick.Click.Give. became a permanent part of the PFD program. The program was originally managed by the Rasmuson Foundation. The Alaska Community Foundation took over management of the Pick.Click.Give. program in 2015.  In order to maintain sustainability, 7% of all donations collected will go to program marketing, nonprofit tools and resources, and minimal program administration.

This fee is directed to The Alaska Community Foundation, which allows nonprofit organizations to participate in the statewide marketing campaign while minimizing the administrative costs otherwise associated with fundraising.