Volunteering for Denali Arts Council is a great way to get involved. There are many ways with different levels of commitment. Event production, tech crew, set construction, ticket sales, concessions, costumes, baking and participation in the arts: film, dance, drama, circus, writing, music, photography and visual arts. If you would like to volunteer for DAC, please contact us.
733-7929 or email us.

Click here for a comprehensive list of Volunteer Opportunities.(PDF)

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Artistic Opportunities

The arts happen at DAC by folks in the community. Do you have an event or production you want to plan? A workshop? Bring your proposal to us. You can shape the arts in the community and have a positive impact. Contact us if you have a proposal or want to pitch your idea. 733-7929. events@denaliartscouncil.org.

Artistic Director Openings

Currently there are openings in Talkeetna Artists Guild, Susitna Muse (writers group), and Local Motion…for the Love of Dance. As the director of a program, you have a lot of freedom to design events, workshops, shows and express yourself and set the vision of the program. You can be the director or you could get involved to just produce one show or workshop.