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Jari Piper Concert


Saturday July 2nd 7:30 PM
Doors open at 7
General Admission $15/DAC Members $13/
Kids 15 and under $5

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the 4th of July weekend and enjoy an evening of beautiful music perfectly paired with a complementary glass of Single Engine Red!

Jari Piper, Alaska-born, Istanbul-based cellist is returning home for a summer tour in July. Named Young Alaskan Artist of 2013, Jari has toured extensively as a soloist through North America and internationally, pushing the boundaries for classical music concerts as far as the Rostropovich House Museum in Baku, Azerbaijan.  His performances are an intense hour of contemporary and classical repertoire ranging from the dark and introspective to the raucous and virtuosic.
Classically trained, Jari is part of the new wave of young musicians who are showing the world that art music belongs both in and outside the concert hall, performing New Music that will bend your ears in ways that you did not think possible (and you’ll like it).
His mission to reach as many audiences as possible has led him to perform art music in a wide variety of venues from bars to churches and community art centers to Turkish punk squats. His music takes inspiration from a global range of genres: Classical, Jazz, Minimalism, and folk music all show their influence within his programs. Jari has premiered numerous compositions, and strives to make modern music more accessible through public performance. His first album, New Work for Solo Cello, was released in 2014. His professional associations include Borusan Symphonic Orchestra, MIAM University, the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival, and the Klasik Keyifleri concert series and festival. He earns his living performing music illegally on the ferryboat that goes in between Europe and Asia on the Bospherous strait. Jari holds a Master’s Degree in Music from McGill University and a B. Mus from University of Manitoba.

Jari’s Website

Moose on Parade 2016

It’s back! Here’s the info you need to get your 2016 moose creation going!

moose 3

Ever wonder where all the moose around town come from? We are talking about the colorful, four-legged friends in front of local homes and businesses. They are a part of the Moose on Parade project. Join in on the fun by participating in this annual event that helps to support three local non profits. Subissions may be by individuals, groups and participants of all ages. 

Moose on Parade:Moose on Parade info & registration
Mini Moose:Mini Art Moose 2016 info

Calling All Filmmakers….

Presenting the 1st Annual Talkeetna Adventure Film Festival

film fest logo

Hangar Door Cinema is excited to invite local filmmakers to participate in the first annual Talkeetna Adventure Film Festival. Adventure is defined as “an exciting or dangerous experience”, or “an undertaking involving unknown risk”. To us, that ranges anywhere from a bicycle trek across the arctic to living off the grid. Life is an Adventure, and we want to see yours!

Films must be submitted no later than Wen. August 31st, 2016.  Early Submissions are encouraged.

Film fest will premier Saturday September 24th, 2016

Download Film Fest Application here.

Summer Drama….and my office is Awesome!

It’s Summer time and the stage is hopping here at the DAC.  Some days I feel like my office is a windowless cave that keeps me hidden from the world, but other days….. well, who else can say they have live theatrical productions unfolding in their office?

Circus has come and gone, but we have lots drama underway that we hope to entertain you with throughout the summer.  First up is the Complete History of America, Abridged ….. just in time for the 4th of July!

Some of you may remember the Complete Works of Shakespeare, Abridged, which Denali Drama performed in 2012…… well hang on to your socks cause they are at it again!  Only this time they will teach you as much of America’s history as they can in 6000 seconds.  Get ready to laugh and learn a few things you thought you know (but didn’t).  This show is PG-13, so use your best judgment when deciding which kids to bring…..  Open minds and good senses of humor encouraged!  2 weekends.

Next up is our Summer Stock – aka Talkeetna Youth Musical Theater – production of Seussical the Musical.  The talented youth of Talkeetna are working hard to bring you this fabulous show, which showcases a montage of Dr. Seuss’s most beloved characters, including Horton the Elephant, the Cat in the Hat, and Mayzie La Bird.  During this production you will be transported from the Jungle of Nool, to the tiny world of the Who’s, then off across the sea to Circus McGurkus.  3 nights only….. this is one to plan your vacation around.

September’s show is still a bit of a mystery, even to me.  Iditaprov will be back on our stage, but in what format, I do not know.  Stay tuned to learn more….. In the mean time, Iditaprov is performing competitive Improv 2 nights a week (Mondays and Wednesdays) at the Talkeetna Alaska Lodge.  Tickets can be bought at the front desk, shows start at 7:30.

Alright, I’ll get back to work and keep on keeping the drama on the stage.  Til next time, Holli @ the Hangar

Making the most of YOUR Arts Council

Have you ever wondered how events come to be at the Denali Arts Council?  Do you ever find yourself thinking, “You know, it would be really cool to see ________________ happening here in Talkeetna.” or “I wish they would do more of  _________________ at the hangar.”  Well, the truth of the matter is that YOU, as a creative member of the community, have the power to help make those decisions.


You could set the stage!

A community Arts council sets a stage, but is only a reflection of creativity and imagination.   In order for the DAC to express the artistic sentiment of Talkeetna, locals must be willing to share their talents and ideas. What gets showcased is what people like you choose to put into it through artistic partnerships and volunteering.

The Denali Arts Council is an umbrella organization with with a variety of artistic programs under its rim.  While most of our programs have ongoing activities, several have become stagnate due to lack of involvement or leadership.  Here is where YOU come in!

your art could be hereCurrently there are openings for Directors in three of our programs: Talkeetna Artists Guild (fine arts), Susitna Muse (writers group), and Local Motion…for the Love of Dance. As the director of a program, you have a lot of freedom to design events, workshops, and shows.  You can express yourself creativity and set the vision of the program. You can be the director or you could get involved to just produce one show or workshop.

So if you find yourself thinking “Man, I really wish they would show more ____________________”, consider putting your artistic passion to the test and get involved today!