Dive into the world of musical theater at Denali Arts Council’s reimagined program, Summer Stock! This week-long immersive experience, directed by the dynamic duo Kaitlin Lawrence and Danielle Aslanian, promises a fun and immersive journey for youth ages 10 to 17.

Kaitlin, a New York-based professional actress and Theater Director, brings her wealth of experience from numerous regional productions and national tours to guide and inspire young performers. Danielle, a talented musician deeply rooted in the community, adds a distinct local musical dimension to the program. With extensive experience teaching instruments and vocals, she will foster a harmonious blend of skills, ensuring that every camper discovers their unique voice in the ensemble.

This year Summer Stock will take a unique twist with a Jukebox Musical, allowing campers to choose their favorite popular pop tunes. Throughout the week, Kaitlin and Danielle will lead the students in crafting an original plot that revolves around the selected songs, creating a collaborative and empowering environment.

As the week progresses, campers will engage in intensive rehearsals, honing their acting, singing, and dancing skills. The culmination of their hard work will be showcased in a spectacular matinee and evening performance, inviting friends and family to witness the magic of Summer Stock come to life on stage!

Summer Stock is a full-day weeklong camp. It runs Monday through Friday, June 10th through the 14th from 9am to 4pm. There will be two performances on Saturday, June 15th.

Green Light Circus

Green Light Circus is the longest running program at Denali Arts Council.  We value circus because it is a hybrid of art and sport, and is comprised of a myriad of disciplines, from juggling to trapeze, acrobatics to balancing props. As a result, it not only includes people of varied skills and abilities, but it actually requires this diversity to be whole. When practicing circus arts, trust, coordination and communication skills are developed, and risk taking curiosities are played out in a safe and controlled environment. The non-competitive yet physical nature of the form makes it a unique and beneficial outlet for all ages. Our students are constantly learning new skills and improving on the ones they know, minute-by-minute and on a daily basis.

Our Green Light Circus Program offers a variety of workshops, classes and camps throughout the year.

Fine Art Camp

The Upper Susitna Fine Art Camp is a prestigious summer camp for youth aged 7-18, running for two one-week sessions. It offers professional teaching artists who lead students through a diverse range of art activities in various styles and genres. Denali Arts Council is committed to enhancing our community’s access to affordable art-based opportunities and nurturing a lifelong passion for art among our youth.